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Synduality Noir #18 — Idol Martyr


Nah. This show definitely doesn’t have the balls to kill anybody off.


Now that Ciel finally went through with the reveal, it’s time to jump straight forward into her role as ‘tragic’ martyr, but it’s so over the top that it’s silly. The dude literally taunts her about how he’s constantly resetting her memory, torturing her, and will continue to do it. He segues from that into a speech about how the true evil are the enslaved robots because they’ll someday go berserk, as all technology does. Why are we even listening to this edgelord teenager at all? Is there some reason Tokio doesn’t just immediately shoot him in the face? Same for the antagonist. He has this nonsensical elaborate plan of letting them escape so he can use his magic powers to remote reset her, kill him in a ditch somewhere, and then come back to do it again. Just get a stick and beat Kanata to death.

After that point, it’s just waiting for him to press the self-destruct button on Ciel and the entire second half of the episode is spent trying to milk the utter hell out of it. She gets the frilliest of dresses and becomes incandescently sparkly because she is oh so tragic and beautiful with corny obnoxious loud idol sequence so the ‘rest’/ghost strangle hands can make it all the sadder. Assuming she doesn’t just come back next week mostly intact anyway. How many slave robot girls are we going to be putting into a coma this season anyway? We’re at two and a half. I think that’s where we drop a marker and say enough’s enough. 


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