Shows Where Clothes Don’t Stay On – Valentines Edition

I’ll be keeping reasonably PG possibly but this post will be unlike the other dedicate valentines I have done before. 

The consumer retailer drag of valentines is around for another time to remind those who don’t have a valentine, they are a loser is how I view the whole thing. Up until last year I had been into the whole thing, the effort I’ve put in past tense and realised. It’s not the only day you can tell someone you love someone for god sake everybody. My co workers want to do a friendintes which is new to me but will be a fun thing to do, that’s okay but the only thing to me is it’s another day where I can read romance manga and maybe some spicy titles. Thought to myself why do I need to keep anything PG for this post when half the people I know who follow are adults and PG is just being nice isn’t it. hahaha. 

Previously this post idea had been on the back burner because I wasn’t game to go there. . . discussing shows where sweat drops are flying and hot bodies are everywhere, they are. . . n.a.k.e.d. Taboo or sin these post ideas have been seen as but that’s a bunch of baloney. So let’s have a sinful valentines this post for those who don’t give a toss and embrace the lust that’s within us. Because the shows I have to recommend this valentines day embrace their hot side and entertain you with a good time, if that is what you are seeking. 

Highschool DxD

Issei Hyodo a proud pervert wielding a demonic power and slowly scoring himself a supernatural harem that works so well in unionance. This is such a fanservice pleaser classic that even now measures up so well. Devil noblewomen Rias gremory is half the reason this show blew up in popularity she is best firey girl next to Kaname Chidori for me. We have a horny devil, neko and rejected priestess/bishop alongside, you are in for the best time. Issei is not shy about anything is either going to get under your skin or be a hilarious charm factor. Now all the girls are hot for Issei but the one that got me from watching the first time is Asia the young priestess, turning her back on the lord and joining Issei’s party. The attempts of womanhood approach Asia makes are awkward as hell because STILL A KID! even I know better how wrong her attempts are but my mind is blank to laughter forgetting how I should be thinking. I guarantee 80% clothes are nowhere to be seen or either in the skimpiest of skimpy outfits. We are so lucky to have five seasons of and unimagining investing time you’ll find yourself in! 


I have never been to describe plunderer in words. I got to experience this. . . weird experience with my friends who like harem, fanservice of this nature and what a ride it was. The show has a interesting plot people having a count on their bodies, say how someone lives their live, the number will go up or down. Hina is on journey to find someone known as the fable Ace who can answer the last words Hina’s mother said before her count went to zero and dragged into the abyss. There are two sides to this series is how I am going to best explain here. First the main plot going on, it is interesting and kept me engaged easily but what did it. . . god. The sheer unfilter other half this series possesses. Giving you a glimpse into the crazy is Licht-so called fable Ace, a pervert beyond measure in his advances towards any woman, this one has no boundaries cannot emphasis that ENOUGH!.

Plunderer is not for the faint hearted. . . the ultimate horndog, fanservice mess that if you’re not into that,
 don’t touch this haha, saying in a friendly respect. Calling a hot mess is worse than that, topical sexual themes exploited, boundaries nowhere to be seen, clothes are minimal which is why it’s in this list well at least. You may be wondering why do I like a show like this? Well I enjoyed the plot as chaotic as it was and fanservice, sexual themes I dont limit when it comes to anime. So if you end up checking this out let me know even after reading what I wrote about it. Maybe somebody else can tell me what a experience this was ahahaha. 

So I Can’t Play H!

Oh this is one of my fan service favourites! Lisara A goddess of death absorbs power from Ryosuke’s lecherous spirit in order to stay in the current world. None of Ryosuke’s functions return to normal when Lisara ever has to leave the realm. If there is number one on this list where clothes don’t stay on it is this series! Even though Ryosuke gains himself a harem this doesn’t pan out like others have which is part of why it’s become a favourite. Ryosuke is an absolute moron to recognise his surroundings of what is going on and Lisara explosive outbursts are hysterical. Maybe the most awkward thing about this series is when Lisara draws in the. . . power hahaha. Clothes truly are nowhere to be seen in this joint for certain but the harem/romance element makes the show satisfying all rounder instead of being like the rest of harem anime out there! 

DAKAICHI! -I’m being harassed by the sexiest man of the year–

One for the boys love fans this is one of my top five boy love anime. I introduced this to my friend and then became hers, pretty proud of that hahaha. I still can’t find the uncensored version of this but it’s a surprise it’s even on crunchyroll haha because consent is non existent here when Junta is pining for Takato. Oh what a spicy good time we have here Junta becoming the number one sexiest man in the world where Takato once was. Jealously at first turns to unexpected infatuation awkward Takato didn’t see coming. Aggressive Junta doesn’t know what a pedal brake is when pursuing Takato. I guarantee 60% clothes are nowhere to be seen and the other half the drama filled parts. It’s a fair mix and you should add for your next boys love watch for boy spice pursuit! 


This anime has been a misunderstood one for as long I have been a fan. Understandably why so the female sexualisation is at a unbound high and this won’t be all people’s cup of tea. If you are aware of the comics of Witchblade, the alien organism known as the witchblade needs a female host to survive and Masane is the unlucky one with this burden. From a tragic earthquake she loses her memory and Riko a child she thinks is hers, trying to make a life for herself and daughter is beyond anything difficult. Fanservice, and clothing is nowhere to be seen, that shit is covered. Females get it on here when they enter battle mode, heighten senses and lust just creeps in fast if you are hoping for that. But the underlying best quality I love about this series is a mothers love for her child. Masane goes above and beyond for Riko, just so heartwarming and this solid plot holds up against the horny lustful factor really well. I could not not add to this list as hey females battle outfits are on point and but has a deeper meaning to offer. This will make up for plunderer if that is a disaster for you. One of my top 20 favourite anime. 

I hope you find something here to make your valentines not a boring one and I understand this post won’t be for all but I’m all about offering different random and well you got it didn’t you LOL 
Come on comment below your guilt/pleasure/untold watches! look at what I just wrote here hahaha

Have a different valentines for yourself! 

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