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Metallic Rouge #06 — Death on the Space Nile


“Out of my way. I want to punch your dog.”


Another pretty weird episode, and that’s saying something for this show. They’re up on a space luxury cruiser with a few of the randos from past episodes, and also Evil Vash is hanging around and decides to go on a stabbing spree for… the fun of it? Eventually, they have a brief fight and he gets tossed back to the planet, leaving the entire thing feeling a lot like filler more than serving any actual purpose. Anything that ends with antagonists being tossed off into space to become a sparkle in the distance probably needs to evaluate its tone.

Or maybe that’s just because Rouge’s mystery solving process was “I’m gonna punch everybody,” until she tried to pick a fight with a Saint Bernard, which then stood up and revealed himself to be the baddie after she kicked it in the face. Or the way Naomi found the real Rouge via joke. We have about 15 minutes of stabbing spree and then instead of leaning into the obvious surprise reveal of some unexpected person being impersonated, switched to outright slapstick. It’s not exactly a Poirot caliber mystery here. Or perhaps it was just that everybody was in bikinis for most of the episode for no real reason.


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