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MVM Unveils Complete Series Release of Fate/Apocrypha for May 2024

As part of a new early bird promotion on its retail website, Anime-On-Line, the UK anime distributor MVM Entertainment have today revealed that they will release a complete series collection of Fate/Apocrypha on Blu-Ray on the 13th May 2024.

Unlike past complete series releases, such as Accel World, Captain Earth, and Fate/Zero, which saw the original discs repackaged into a slime line case with new artwork, this upcoming release of Fate/Apocrypha seems like it might be the original half-season sets repackaged with an O-ring slipcover. That is our assumption based on the product description at least:

“Comes in two BD (Blu-Ray) cases with an O-Ring slipcover. Fate/Apocrypha contains anime episodes 1-25. “

Of course we won’t know for certain until the set is released on 13th May 2024, but what we do know is that it will feature all 25 episodes of the series across 4 Blu-Ray discs, in two Blu-Ray cases, in English and Japanese. The original release of Fate/Apocrypha, which was released in two parts (each containing 2 Blu-Ray discs in a single case), was released back in 2019.

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