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Patron Pick Winter 2024: Dosanko Gal wa Namara Menkoi (Hokkaido Gals Are Super Adorable!) – 09

Minami is squarely back in pole position this week.  If indeed she ever left it.  Nadeshiko that she is Rena definitely has a strong girlfriend aura to her, but I still think the ship had already sailed by the time Rena’s bus arrived at the port.  If Minami was ever seriously worried she’s not letting on, though as we know she’s the mistress of deception.  And while Rena may have home field advantage when school is out, Minami has it five days a week during the day.

We get our White Day episode a week early, and you knew one was coming after the drama of Valentine’s Day.  I must confess I rather like the way this was handled, because Matsuo-kun was a jerk in that episode in a very teenaged boy sort of thoughtless way.  And that was openly acknowledged here – by the man himself, who took pains to apologize (after seeking Tsubasa’s advice – his chad persona is strengthening).  He even gave Minami (and Sayuri) some sort of fancy onion pie, yet another Hokkaido delicacy (the list is endless) I’ve never heard of.  I wouldn’t have thought an onion pie was a traditional White Day gift but it sounds pretty great to me.

As for Chadbasa, he seeks out his grandma’s help in preparing something honmei for his reciprocal gift.  This may or may not be a famous Hokkaido thing but it’s her own recipe, some kind of milk senbei that’s Tsubasa’s fave.  We actually got two smiles out of the old gal this week, which I think means she’s starting to realize that her grandson actually being happy may not be a thing to get her corset in a twist over.  Tsubasa even gives one to Matsuo, he’s so excited to share the taste of his childhood around.

Next, smelt fishing – with Matsuo inviting Tsubasa along.  Lake Abashiri is the best place in Japan for it, and even in March there’s plenty of ice to pitch your tent on.  Matsuo and Tsubasa ditch Matsuo’s poor dad as soon as they arrive, and they bump into Minami, who’s likewise ditched the units.  They end up a trio, Matsuo gets out the auger and the maggots, and the fun begins.  Sans a tent as it’s a nice day (note that most everyone else is inside theirs) and soon, sans Tsubasa’s jacket.  While Matsuo is off scouting location Minami breaks out the lip balm, which truly would be the closest thing to a real indirect kiss, and reveals to Tsubasa that she dreams of being an aesthetician (I can totally see that).

After a change of venue the smelt are coming fast and furious, and I guess tempura-ing them right there on the lake is the tradition.  And they apparently go especially well with scallop onigiri.  Unsurprisingly this all leads to an anime cold (even though it was a manga first, it’s still an anime cold).  Which pretty much allows Minami to lap the field (Rena just drops off a bottle of Pocari, while Minami actually stays to take a watch).  Nothing advances a teen anime romance faster than a cold (no sign that Minami pulled a Yamada and changed Tsubasa’s pants but still, there was mention of servicing him so who knows), but he did pass out after too much close contact and peppermint.

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