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Slave of the Elite #10 — Finger Licking Good


Actually pretty mediocre as far as finger blowjobs in anime go.


As season ending fights go, this is quite weak. I would say that at least we escaped flashbacks, but we still had a long one about how the monster girls are being imprisoned and experimented on by the human organization for giggles. What’s at stake? Nothing. What is either side up against? Filler monsters, mainly, with the real antagonists sitting in the background, steepling their fingers and… *checks notes* trying to figure out what the most dramatic entrance for them to be. Not that I expected this to suddenly go all King Lear or something and be ultra serious with deaths, violence, etc to attempt to ratchett up matters, but the people fighting right now have no actual reason to fight and just seem to be doing it out of general obligation to fight something instead of simply walking away and going back to licking strange boys, also for no real reason.

So there’s not a whole lot going on with this episode either. Everybody pairs up with their designated sub-boss, and only get far enough into each fight for each person to declare what their power is. If the budget and direction were stronger, that would certainly help to at least make it eye candy, which is ironic a bit considering the lame actual finger fellation attempt at eyecandy, but it, as ever, remains just a few hairs above servicable.

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