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High Card #22 — Secret Terrorist Mass Murder Party


…Okay, I guess that’s what we’re going with.


The exposition dump with this show continues, and it’s somehow only getting worse. This week was the antagonists ranting out their entire plans. First, one of the random brat princes who was apparently behind it all. Which would be totally cool if ANY of the princes has any screentime whatsoever, or the whole succession thing was even a minor plot point in the show. But this is the longest all of them combined have been on screen in the entire show to date, so a few minutes of one screaming out how he’s behind it all ain’t cutting it. He also personally stabbed that cop because… Uh… What are the police doing here again? Weren’t they in the middle of a coup which I guess they gave up on?

So then we go over to the mafia baddie, who is angry because his entire family was killed by random terrorists and the royals… uh… erased him from existence because he tried to use the cards for himself but was immediately stopped? Really? This is the story we’re going with? He was part of the richest family in town, then homeless, and a ginormous mass murder was just… covered up and forgotten somehow. So the budget kicks in briefly, daddy beats him up, and the dude keeps whining about how his feelings aren’t being respected enough. Because apparently all this is just an overgrown child whining that his bestie didn’t respect his feelings enough, so he rewinds most of the episode, the best way to get both shocking stabbings and to make them not happen at all. Hooray for devaluing your own sacrifices. It sure is a good thing we kept this dude tied to a chair for weeks on end just to whine at him like a child.

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