My Dragonball Hood

I’m sure you can gather what this post is about but everyone is saying there piece and I want to say mine. 

My twitter reaction when I opened it four days ago was: 

“God never know what will hit you or any day” 

Which is not a life truth we think about every day of our lives but when circumstances of losing icons that made a profound world impact like Akira Toriyama. I thought I was dreaming seeing reading the passing of Akira, days later it still hasn’t sunk in and imagine hasn’t for many people. Young to go at 68 but at some point everyone will accept the fact but for right now no-one has to do that for as long as they want. I just wanted here to speak of my own love of Dragon Ball because everyone has their story and memories with a anime. It’s hearing about these stories which I love watching and reading about. The meaning it had for each individual ,what things they cared about and maybe you didn’t. You get to laugh about it and reminisce. So here is how I got into the Dragonball hood and why I felt a weirdo for my age liking a show like Dragonball. 

Toonami + Cartoon Network Days

Still living in the UK at the time I was thirteen/fourteen and my first introduction to the Dragonball hood was Dragon Ball Z. At this time of airing 2004 to 2005 it was a redub because the first episode didn’t air till 1996 and I was six then haha. My first memories were of Raditz was after this little kid and completely puzzled then Gohan blast him away in the gut. These were the initial moments when I remember diving into the dragon world and not coming out. My school mornings turned from boredom to racing down the stairs at 6am with the only TV in our house that had freeview TV to catch whatever episode I could. At that time I realise now most of the episodes I was watching was a mix between season one and three but no-one would care at my age. I was watching something unlike anything at the time for me. Thank god for Toonami and Cartoon Network but sometimes the freeview channels would be glitch and Toonami or Cartoon Network wouldn’t appear, that always pissed me off. For the most part I got my ball fill most mornings but as soon as the Kamehameha was introduced, the shouting and screaming started at 6am. 

I’m sure you can imagine the scolding from my parents but that moment Goku would unleash, it lights this fire in you, it was unexplainable to me but I was living for those moments when they came up. A weirdo phase I went through calling myself one as why do I like this show and one of my favourite reasons is the fighting. Battles in Dragon are put on loopback and seems everlasting, we can climb Mount Fuji and be back in time for no-one winning the battle. Those moments my dopamine levels are on a high then they plummet then the cycle begins again. For how much people complained about this element of Dragon Ball Z for ages it was a favourite almost flaw people loved for the show. Don’t we just love shows for their imperfect flaws more than being perfect in parts really. That’s the love people build towards anime I think more than anything. But going back to the fighting element of Dragonball, I played a lot of Street fighter earlier on and discovered I enjoy battle mode and lots of fighting in my shows. Dragon Ball Z made me feel like I had found something so exciting and different to what I was watching at the time. I loved Yu-gi-oh for fighting for the heart but Dragonballz haha I liked for the fists LOL. 

My Dad Wondered

My parents have been always supportive and accepting of all my hobbies but Dragonball Z built a bit of a special connection for me and my dad. You can imagine from all the screaming at 6am or late at night they are not wondering what the fudge is that commotion about. I remember one afternoon after school entering the lounge asking about the show, funny it was the moment Goku turned Super Saiyan for the first time. My dad goes “What’s with Golden Boy” then after explaining what was briefly going on and from that moment Dad would always poke his head around the door to say “Golden Boy winning”. Dad I think researched the show because he would bring up characters to me and asking what was their purpose. Maybe I can recall Dad would watch the odd episode with me sometimes but it didn’t matter because it built a special connection, maybe small but to me something immeasurable. Then Dad became a rooter for Goku and anything Dragonball related he would mention even now. Goku Fanclub Hellllloo hahahaha !


Vegeta Was Meh Now Ugh Yes

Every girl I feel like went through this phase a Goku lover but realising Goku doesn’t have much going for him other than brute strength and huge love of food. Of course I love the Goku nugget head for other reasons. Now toxic fellows like Vegeta who would verbally scorn you before you give in and let it go. That option is not much better but Vegeta is my favourite these days over Goku. How does that happen? You know, it’s like asking how do Bulma and Vegeta work? A question I have never been able to answer until obviously both have raging tempers they have no control over and go on this continuous circle of being angry and then okay. Earth life played a huge part in softening Vegeta up but still the things he committed before are hard to forget. But I do because he’s hot haha. Young me just wanted him to die on a stake to you can be mad at me and I take as a tease challenge. Vegeta is a love/hate character, his mood swings are unpredictable and he himself is such a hot head, this complexity to his character makes him fun. So after realising Vegeta is fun to have around and not put a stake to we were good. 

Dragonball Z lead me to meeting amazing voice actors Sean Schemmel and Chris Sabat also other cast members involved. In general lead me to meeting fellow mutuals who loved the shows. It lead to me impersonating Goku’s Kamehameha scream to winning a concert to see one of the new Dragonball Z movies (which by the way nearly made me pass out). Loving something bears opportunities I fully believe and truly has with this amazing franchise. For the record I did get to watch the original Dragonball and GT but Z holds a special place and always will. This would be a script if I numbered every memory I have with this franchise but it was a massive part of my childhood that brought joy and fun. It is a sad factor Akira Toriyama has left us too early but I don’t need to tell you the legacy he has left. He brought to life some of the most infectious characters to life just one mark he has made. 

Thankyou Always 

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