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Synduality Noir #24 — Ultra Triangle Attack


That carrot disturbs me.


Largely the same ending as High Card. They defeat the blathering idiot, slot an unqualified imbecile in to be the king of everything, and then declare everything wrapped up in a bow while also cutting down to monsters still roaming the countryside, virtually unchecked. I was overestimating the show when I assumed that ghost-Ciel would somehow come to the rescue. She only showed up as the Nazi dude thinking back to a time when he enjoyed her singing after he decided to unalive himself by jettisoning into deep space. No, the way they actually won the day was by getting in Mystere’s face and screaming at her. Then she woke up, and they pulled a team attack kamehameha out of their asses. I can’t even tell if it was supposed to be a cheesy heart. It just looks like a triangle. But then, what? You have an electric triangle laser? Is that better?

And just like High Card, it decided to change its focus from stories of the week and wacky hijinks into going all in on the setting and the antagonists, both of which were awful, exemplified most definitively in last week when Lil’ Hitler declared his entire spiel and the entire antagonist team who was all on board with conquering the world had the stunning realization that perhaps they were the baddies after all. Though let’s also not forget that the paradise in the sky was just a server floating around which decided, sure, it’d help in a little global apocalypse, then changed its mind not five minutes later. Yeah, this is the super intelligence that will save the world. Not to mention Kanata was there for maybe fifteen minutes. Yeah, my dude. You really fulfilled your dream, and then immediately pissed right off home. Mission accomplished.

Season preview will be up Thursday after the Bravern finale. There are… so goddamned many cheat power reincarnation and horribly toxic relationship shows next season. My god.

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