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Metallic Rouge #12 — The Purging of Midbosses


Why did 75% of these character even exist?


That was quite the unceremonious end for all these second tier antagonists. The Joker dude makes a few jokes and then gets stabbed in the… not even back actually, despite how the screenshot looks. That was a declared attack from the front. Handsy-Man gets his noble duel, lasting about 90 seconds before being defeated by a mirror image punch that turned into an explosion. The one ice dude/girl-in-a-single-body? Just decides, eh, changed my mind. Not interested in whatever’s going on anymore. Great character. Very necessary to the story. Then Rouge and Whose-Her-Face fight, Whose-Her-Face pulls regeneration out of her ass as an extra power, and Rouge then also unceremoniously gets stabbed, so Naomi gives her her own Dragonball soul orb thing. Yeah, turns out that she has one too and it’s not just the Immortal Nine… plus Rouge… and Cyan? How many of these stupid Dragonballs even are there?

That kind of summarizes the whole back half of this show; ass pulls and an extensive amount of exposition to explain them. I’ve not even mentioned the last thirty seconds yet. The Puppet Master is actually daddy, who actually wasn’t murdered at all, and is using alien technology. Right. We knew that. But not the good alien tech, but bad alien tech, and, I know I’ve said this at least twice before, but the Puppet Master declares that they’re actually dancing on his strings. God, it’s so corny. And we are so divorced from anything having to do with freedom or the plight of the enslaved other androids at this point that I have no idea how they even think they’re going to wrap anything up at all. Maybe they’ve already got another season confirmed and the evil aliens can show up to invade or something. This show has turned out to be such a mess.


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