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Astro Note #01 — Eating Disorders


The facial expressions really say it all.

This actually airs April 5th. Somebody may have done a little oopsie and posted the episode a bit early. With hardcoded subs. Aaaah, the nostalgia. I also haven’t been able to track down that Youtube airing of Gods Wanna Play Games or whatever from early March, but admittedly, haven’t tried all that hard. New season kicks off for real tomorrow with five shows, three of them cheat power RPG worlds. Great.


I have to wonder. Have the people who animated this seen people eat? Everybody takes about a pound of food, be it toast, fried fish, riceball, etc, and then slams it into their faces. I’d think that might be attempting a sight gag, but the actual sight gags it does are all unmistakable, both for the volume that someone screams, and how much the reaction face fills the screen. A mere bit of tomfoolery in expression without being blasted at top volume seems out of character. Not to mention that something it considers a hilarious joke is not that they keep getting his name wrong, but that he yells “That is not my name!” 

I guess at least it’s trying to go all in on the gag comedy thing, and blasts its way through introducing the entire cast, but even if this came at the height of the “dude moves into an apartment of wacky people,” it’s not particularly absurd. This girl is an idol, but she’s foul mouthed and looks like a nerd without her makeup. …Okay, and? It’s also definitely not attempting to be the least bit heartwarming or emotional. I enjoyed Mahoraba back in the day. It was cute enough and inoffensive. At least it’s not trying to mix upskirt shots with attempts to come off as wholesome, but it’s not selling much in the way of characters either. Nor story, with the ‘hook’ of the lady being an alien being relegated to 60 seconds of the episode split between the opening and closing minutes with nary a whiff of it in between.  

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