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Kodansha Announcement Round-Up from Sakura Con 2024

Kodansha were at Sakura Con in the United States this past weekend, and they hosted a panel to unveil a selection of new licenses that they have planned for this year and beyond, so here is a round-up of those announcements. A round-up can also be found on Kodansha’s social media (X) page.

A rundown of the titles announced can be found below:


You Must Be This Tall to Propose!: Chitose has a huge crush on his next-door neighbor Tomo, but back as kids she wouldn’t marry him until he grew up, poor Chitose took that quite literally.


Ajin Complete: High school student Kei Nagai is killed in a traffic accident but immediately revives to learn that he may not be human at all. Instead, he may be a Demi-Human.

Confession: While climbing Mt. Owari, hikers and friends Asai and Ishikura are hit by a blizzard and lose their way. Injured and sure of his imminent death.

Dogs and Punching Bags: From Kaori Ozaki, author of the gods lie. and The Golden Sheep, comes another touching exploration of love, family, and belonging.

Dra-Q: An action-packed, forbidden bloodsucking romance between a vampire girl and her delinquent classmate, perfect for fans of Sankarea!

Fall In Love, You False Angels: A beautifully illustrated, hilarious rom-com perfect for fans of Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight, Horimiya, and Spoil Me Plzzz, Hinamori-san!

Honeko Akabane’s Bodyguards: They have only one goal – to kill Honeko Akabane! One day, Arakuni Ibuki learns that his childhood friend, Honeko Akabane, is being targeted by assassins!

I Want to Love You Till Your Dying Day: A new dystopian Yuri series about a war, a mysterious orphanage, and the girls who live there, perfect for fans of Girls Last Tour and Otherside Picnic!

Love on the Horizon: A sweet and poignant BL series about a college student falling for his music club senpai, who also happens to be his next-door neighbor, perfect for fans of My Summer of You.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuruz Doan’s Island: Former Zeon mobile suit squad leader Cucuruz Doan has deserted and lives on a small island where he raised some orphans.

S (paperback edition): Now in a modern age of computers and the internet, the Sadako virus is revitalized and is potentially even more dangerous. Combining classic Japanese horror and modern themes.

Senpai Is an Otokonoko: My Crossdressing Classmate: A poignant romantic comedy about gender nonconformity and a love triangle between a ditzy girl, the cross-dressing boy she likes, and his best friend!

Shimazaki in the Land of Peace: After surviving a terrorist incident Shingo Shimazaki was forced to join the League for Economic Liberations’ revolutionary army.

Suzume: All-new adaptation of the Golden Globes-nominated worldwide hit directed by Makoto Shinkai, creator of Your Name and Weathering with You!

Thunder 3: Three schoolboys come into possession of a DVD that supposedly opens a gateway to a parallel universe, but when their backs are turned Pyontaro’s little sister Futaba passes through.

Box Set:

Blue Lock Season 1, Part 1 Manga Box Set: The battle to become Japan’s top striker kicks off in this premium box set of the hit soccer manga that inspired the anime!

Fire Force Manga Box Set 2: Dive feet-first into the world of devil-fighting firefighters with this box-set edition of the hit manga from the creator of Soul Eater! Includes Vol. 7-11

Hitorijime My Hero Manga Box Set 2: The BL manga that inspired the hit anime in a premium, six-volume box set, including an exclusive bonus booklet featuring newly translated manga and illustrations!

All of the titles listed above are expected to be released between October 2024 and February 2025, and we suspect that pre-orders will become available at retailers in the coming months. In the meantime further details can be found on the Kodansha website.

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