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Jin-Woo Doesn’t Let Anyone Take Advantage of Him

Solo Leveling Episode 10 Review

It’s official now: Sung Jin-Woo is a badass, and he knows it. More and more people are starting to learn about it. So far, he’s managed to keep his slaying of Dongsuk’s party and defeating Tae-Shik quiet. However, sooner or later, people will start connecting the dots. An E-Rank Hunter keeps surviving these catastrophes he shouldn’t. And that’s not something that Jin-Woo needs to deal with right now. Thankfully, he now has the power of black air force energy, and he will make sure it keeps getting stronger. And anyone who figures out what he can do will keep their mouths shut.

The Black Air Force Continues to Grow

— PasT (@PasTPourChat) March 16, 2024

Once again, Jin-Woo has survived a catastrophic dungeon dive, though not without its scars. Two Double Dungeon survivors are dead, and one of them, Jee-Hoo, flat-out decides to call it quits. As sad as it is to see her give up on being a Hunter and return to her parents, this seems for the best. Jee-Hoo tried to recover from her PTSD, but this last dive only reinforced that she’s not cut out for Hunter’s life. And that’s alright. Sometimes, it’s better to quit when you’re ahead. Only some people can be Goku or Luffy and push their limits until they surpass them. 

Unfortunately, Jin-Woo doesn’t have that option. Ignoring the System forcing him to fight, Jin-Woo’s life is already in danger. Remember how I talked about Dongsuk and how he has a super-strong younger brother? To recap, Dongsuk’s brother is an S-Rank Hunter, and since he (rightly) assumes Jin-Woo is responsible for his brother’s death, he vows revenge. Thus, Jin-Woo has two options: either get stronger or run. 

Jin-Woo decides to get stronger and level up his Black Air Force energy. Thus, he and Jin-Ho begin their scheme to make Jin-Ho a guild master.

— PasT (@PasTPourChat) March 16, 2024

I like how the show faithfully portrays the two’s plan as well as it does. Having the two hire other Hunters to loiter around gates while they go in and do all the work is the kind of plan that’s so crazy, it works. Better yet, the shock on the other’s faces when they see how fast they take care of business is hilarious. Jin-Woo has black air force energy, though. And it’s only going to get stronger as time goes on. There’s one downside to it, though: the attention.

Jin-Woo Doesn’t Need the Publicity Right Now

Traditionally, someone with black Air Force energy is aggressive and wild and shows contempt for rules and authorities. At the same time, Jin-Woo can be the former, often not the latter. Leave him be or promise not to tell anyone how strong he is, and he’ll be reasonable. It looks like you’re going to mess with him or his family, though, and the energy comes out. Unfortunately (and I say this as someone who’s read the manwha), it’s only a matter of time before he attracts attention.

— PasT (@PasTPourChat) March 16, 2024

As a prime example, we have a scout from one of the top Hunter’s guilds in the country. He sees all the disasters that Jin-Woo has survived, disasters that should’ve killed an E-Rank Hunter. He also realizes how he and Jin-Ho are buying up all the C-Rank dungeons and completing them in record time. Thus, he puts two and two together and realizes that Jin-Woo is stronger than an E-Rank. 

Much like in the manwha, this man tries to recruit Jin-Woo into his guild, only for the man to put on his black air forces. Not only does he turn the man down, but he orders him not to tell anyone else about him. The cut on his face makes it clear that his response will not be friendly or diplomatic. Then, just to mess with him, he scams him into buying some of the dungeons from him for more than they’re worth. That is what being Black Air Force is like!

Don’t Mess With Jin-Woo

This episode was another quiet one when compared to the previous episode, but that also has its own charm. It shows how deep and complex the politics and people of this Hunter-dominated world can be. More importantly, this episode shows how Jin-Woo doesn’t take kindly to people who see him as a meal ticket. That seems contradictory since he’s helping Jin-Ho, but their relationship is mutually beneficial. Jin-Ho can become a guild master, Jin-Woo gets stronger, and they both make money. In other words, treat him right, or Jin-Woo will mess you up.

There are only a few episodes left in the season, but trust me, the last few are going to be bangers. Jin-Woo gets a new quest that will let him change his class. And if you have read the manwha like I have, you know how hard this is going to go. I can’t wait for the next episode.

I Give “What is This, a Picnic?” a 3.5/5

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