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Level 2 Cheat Powers #01 — Attack of the Status Screens


God yes. Status screens and a tutorial announcer.

Again, this was leaked early. It actually starts on April 8th. Fun times in internet file security.


Not even closing my eyes and trying desperately to think back to 2006 and mindlessly consuming harem fanservice shows could blunt this one. It jumps right in to assuring us that this is indeed a fantasy world with status screens, and more importantly slavery. Its entire schtick is the protagonist looking at a status screen while a tutorial narrator announces that he just got a billion levels or every spell in existence, and him responding “Well, I was told I suck, so that must be nothing.” Just put that on loop and repeat. For him casting teleportation magic. For him purging an entire forest. For his stats being infinite. Seriously. Characters tell him to his face only the greatest of all mages with the highest power levels can do that, and his response is a dedicated “Well, someone else told me I sucked one time, so they must be wrong.” It is committed to attempting to make that one joke work with such fervor that you’d think it was holding his dog hostage.

So it’s bad. Worse, it’s blandly bad. Animation is crap. No attempt made for story, comedy, or even fanservice. Even Sauce and Lupine had a naked girl boobsing about. You can point to that and say that sex sells. People want to look at the aesthetically pleasing naked silhouette with no nipples. What is being sold here? A dumb tired premise on repeat? Even the protagonist isn’t capable of exerting the slightest bit of agency and needs to be prodded by the invisible tutorial to… exist. Justify your goddamned existence. Both the characters and the entire stupid thing.

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