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Metallic Rouge #13 — Happily Ever Af–*gunfire*


What were they thinking here?

Oops, I completely forgot this show existed. I guess that’s how invested I was.


Which was the correct opinion, because the ass-pulls continued unabated. Maybe even accelerated, like someone imagined this as a 24 episode script and they weren’t just going to edit it down, but had to fit in every single idea and twist they could think of. The Puppetmaster wanted to use the Dragonballs to kill all humans with him as kind of all robots, but luckily, Rouge also had secret extra powersBut it turns out the evil goth lady was an evil alien, and instead of giving them freedom, it turned them all into killer slaves of the bad aliens. But it turns out that big bro already knew that and undid it, re-freeing them, only without all the bad consequences. But that other antagonist that wandered off, it’s time to fight them, but oops! Show’s over. Maybe next time.

What an awful ending. The antagonist turned out to just be a megalomaniacal lunatic from the start with the previously unmentioned ability to download his brain into other bodies. Half the final episode is spent listening to him recite what his master plan was, to be followed by two more master plans, each of which were thwarted in turn by more asspulls. And then we fade to black on them having a fight in some empty field somewhere with Rouge declaring everything ended happily ever after, which of all the bat-crap insane things spouted this episode, may be the most idiotic. I choose to believe that 5 seconds later, Rouge died under a hail of laser fire and spider mechs, and the evil aliens conquered the world. Now that’s a happy ending.

What an absolute mess this show turned out to be. Multiple characters had no reason to exist. It couldn’t seem to decide if enslavement and fascism were a good or bad thing. The last three or four episodes were a nonstop parade of deus ex machinas and nonsensical plot twists even while the action and budget evaporated. There is so much baffling here about this show even before you get into the complete non-ending with one of the lines seemingly desperately trying to declare that no, don’t believe your eyes and ears, this was totally an ending. How do you even think going out like that was a good idea? 

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