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I Bought an Elf Slave #01 — Rapetopia


This season is draining my will to exist at a record pace.

Same as all the other leaks, though this one does at least actually air later today. As a two episode premiere for its actual official broadcast even, but you know what? This single episode was enough.


Remember that show a couple seasons back called something like “I Took in an Exiled Princess and Taught Her to Misbehave.” Well, take that exact premise and those characters, add a whole bunch of rape overtures, a few panty shots, and you get this. Did they have a quota of references to raping characters that they needed to fulfill? If the show goes five minutes without somebody ‘pretending’ that they’re going to rape somebody, the show gets canceled? I submit to you that would probably not be such a bad thing. Pay the artists and everybody could knock off early.

Alas, it is every bit as bad as the overly long title made it appear to be. The only jokes are the dude saying “OHO! I WILL TOTALLY ASSAULT YOU!” (Wait, why did I say that?) and “She is prime for being raped.” Neither of which are ideal punchlines. If you want to make porn, make porn. And then we can discuss the merits of that. We’ll start with comparing it to Bunny Black, Duel Savior, Daibanchou, or any of the other games I’ve been heavily involved with and have some opinions on. If you want to make a heartfelt romantic comedy, probably don’t make it all about how you could be violently raping the characters right now and how adorable it is that you’re not. 

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