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Jin-Woo, Time for a Class Change! The Hunter’s Strongest Test Yet!

Solo Leveling Ep 11 Review

In many RPGs, there comes a time when a player’s character’s base class no longer cuts it. They need to advance to the next class and unlock new strengths and abilities. In some cases, that involves the player undergoing some quest to change their class. If Jin-Woo wants to survive any of the threats coming his way, he’s got to class up himself and his Black Air Forces. 

Jin-Ho’s Older Brother and Jeju Island’s Threat

— PasT (@PasTPourChat) March 23, 2024

While Jin-Woo remains the episode’s main focus, the anime continues building its overall cast with original scenes. While some might take issue with anime-original content, these scenes enhance the story by giving insight into the supporting cast. This week, the two main draws are Jin-Ho and Jeju Island.

From the outset, Jin-Ho’s goal has been to prove himself to his dad that he can lead the guild the latter plans to create. However, while the manwha mentions him having other siblings vying for the same thing, they’re never seen. The anime fixes this by showing Jin-Ho’s older brother and his attempts to recruit S-Ranked Hunters. Despite failing, the older brother makes his plans to try recruiting abroad known at a family dinner. That, and he threatens Jin-Ho to stay out of his way. It won’t stop him but shows how serious this competition is. 

As for Jeju Island, the anime again needs to be more specific on the details. However, it only adds to the overall dread surrounding the place. If there’s a place that makes the guild master of one of the strongest guilds in Korea scared, then everyone should be scared. And, having binge-read the manwha, I can say this: they’re right to be scared. It is legitimately terrifying. 

The Third Big Moment I’ve Waited For

Onto the main event, the episode’s focus remains, as always, on Jin-Woo. To undergo his job/class change, he starts a particular quest. He has to fight through a dungeon of powerful, elite-level enemies that will test his versatility. Knights for his speed, assassins for perception, and mages for intellect. And he can’t use healing potions or full recovery. In other words, it’s a war of attrition and conservation. 

While Jin-Woo handles the normal enemies fine, all that changes when he faces the boss, Igris the Red Knight. Jin-Woo is fighting at a disadvantage for the first time since fighting the giant snake monster. Every time he tries to fight Igris, the silent knight manages to steamroll him! It’s like watching an under-level player take on a boss they’re not ready to face! The knight starts ruining his black air force energy! 


— Khalid (@Rm_5aled) March 23, 2024

This is what legendary boss fights are like.

This was painful to watch as someone who’s gotten curb-stomped by bosses in video games countless times before. It also shows why advancing your character’s class can mean life or death in an RPG. This was the third big fight I’ve been waiting for the anime to adapt, and it didn’t dissappoint. It shows that he needs to keep leveling up his black air force energy for how strong Jin-Woo is. It’s only thanks to dumb luck that he manages to win.

The job/class change isn’t over yet, though. There’s a bonus round. Jin-Woo has to fight a mob of elite mooks at once and survive. If he does, he can win even more resources and abilities. But even though they’re weaker than Igris, their numbers, and his fatigue, leave him on the ropes! Things don’t look good! Worse, there’s only one episode left in the season.

— PasT (@PasTPourChat) March 23, 2024

I already know how this is going to end, but getting to see this in animated form is going to be awesome. And trust me when I say this: if Jin-Woo wasn’t HIM before, then by the end of the next episode, he will be HIM! His job/class change is going to make him a monster!

We already got the arise edits and they’re as good as i expected #SoloLeveling

— Nutty (@Sanji_nut) March 30, 2024

I Give “A Knight Who Defends an Empty Throne” a 4.5/5

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