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The Crow Doesn’t Choose Its Master #01 — Courtly Disintrigue


If I wasn’t sick of imperial courts before, I definitely am now.

This is actually a Saturday show, but it’s NHK only with no streaming at the moment that I’m aware of, and all the actual broadcast rippers have gone the way of the dodo, so it took a bit.


What an incredibly optimistic episode to slap up a new name and character on screen every 45 seconds and expect me to care about any of them. And then we have the brainless princess get sucked into a lecture about the court politics when she is clearly incapable of entertaining a single thought in her head, let alone learning anything. If you picked this girl up and shook her, you could probably hear the single grain of rice rattling around in her skull. And then, following the first lecture, comes a second one. Don’t stretch the budget and script too hard here. 

It was pure tedium. Nobody was actually doing anything. The episode mainly followed the princess staring blankly and breathing heavily. Most of her contributions to the stern older women lecturing harshly to her were “Oh,” or “Is it really?” Even if I wanted to follow this, there is a 0% chance I would be able to recognize and differentiate between anybody. They’re all overdressed and yet, equally unimportant. The crow dude that bookended the episode seems like a far more interesting character to follow, but that’s comparing anything going on at all to the absolute nothing of listening to geopolitcal lectures. And it would still be totally unanimated.


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