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Whispering You a Love Song #01 — Very, Very Pink


It’ll be a reaction face mine, if nothing else.


It’s almost quaint seeing a show that’s trying to exist entirely on reaction faces, and yet, preferable to the ones that are doing the same, but for RPG status screens. But after multiple shows of being yelled at, I’m pretty over-reactioned out for the day, if not the entire season. I think it’s the superficiality here that doesn’t work for me. On both their parts. The first girl who sees a highschool band for 30 seconds and is so overcome with puberty that it’s now the only thing in her life that she cares about, and the one who she talks to, who is also so overcome with puberty that she instantly falls in love and cannot handle these completely new feelings anymore. It’s every bit as ridiculous as when every third show was pulling this about Random Club Hobby decided by throwing a dart at a board of random nouns. 

I was born with the soul of an weary 18th century British gardener who finds the melodramatic youths tiresome even when I myself was a young soul collecting Pokemon trading cards and playing whist, so a whole show about girls getting constantly blasted with the deep emotions of youth is something I have a difficult time feeling much connection to, and its humor is less the visual flair of something like Bocchi that has a lot of creativity in its presentation and variation in its delivery and style, and more the cannonade of blasting pastel colors and sparkles constantly on screen as the shortcut for everything; whether it’s a ‘hilarious’ gag or a dramatic rush of hormones. Fine probably if that’s your bag, but not going to win any converts.

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