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Metallic Rouge Review — D

Rouge likes chocolate. That’s more or less the only coherent part of the plot.

Should have just gone all in on lesbians instead of whatever the fuck this was. What a mess. Part of what makes me so disappointed in Metallic Rouge is that the initial episode was promising! The character designs (especially Naomi) are cute! It’s on Mars, there are robots, the creators have read a book before that they probably weren’t forced to in school! There is mystery and intrigue!

And then the reveals come and oh my god I should have watched this drunk.

Storytelling – D – Wtf…
Voice – C – Started out vaguely interesting at least.
Characters – B – I do still like Naomi even if she is in the dumbest show.
Attention Grab – F – Lost all interest by the end.
Production – D – Way too dark.
Overall – D

Recommendations – Phantom, Madlax, El Cazador de la Bruja….

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