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Salad Bowl of Eccentrics #03 — How Cults (Don’t) Work


You know this is not in any way how cults form or function, right?


This had the ‘better’ third episode between it and Wind Breaker, largely because that was two two iterations of “We’re about to fight… but maybe later,” both stretched out for five minutes, with another 10 minute info dump in the middle. This had me a bit curious when it went into clan stuff, especially given, you know, the Abe assassination over clan stuff. There are lots of ways you could’ve taken it for a comedy. The girl’s too thick or clueless to be recruited, or is a pain in the ass. Or maybe it’s just a really weird neighborhood association that doesn’t realize they’re lunatics. Plenty of shows have done it, from King of the Hill to Monk.

Buuuut it turned out to be complete nonsense. Okay, kind of interesting in its own way for getting virtually everything about clans, how they manipulate people, and what their crazies do, which I suppose gives it the edge in at least discussing it, but still not worth anybody’s time. Piping in subliminal messages is some 80s level corny silliness, and no true believer is going to leap on stage, stab themself in a gut and demand a demonstration of their magical powers. Nor is the cult leader using hypnosis to bilk their followers going to declare some other random person to be the true messiah. You don’t become the grand wizard of a clan by immediately giving it up to every charlatan who does some sleight of hand.


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