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Monster No.8 #02 — My Dream of Taking Tests


I think the reasons I’m done here are self-evident.


The action sequences remain nonexistent; just explosions from a distance, then being one-shot from off-screen, also at a distance, and the yelling continues apace. But the writing? Also remains terrible. Now that we have our premise of dude-turned-monster, we can… go to school and have a whole test/tournament arc. Come on, Japan. At least do the whole vigilante monster thing for a while first before being forcibly recruited. When a dude gains super powers, their first thought should not be to use them to cheat in order to fulfill their dream of passing the policeman’s exam. Is your dream to fight monsters and protect people, or is your dream to go to police academy? With great power, comes great test taking ability? Because your priorities are completely messed up, and the very idea of some kind of school/test/combat royal adjudicating who of those who already have and freely use super powers are but apparently aren’t allowed to fight the giant monsters constantly overrunning your entire civilization is ridiculous. Even for shounen, this is stretching it.

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