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Ninja Kamui Ep 9 Review

As if we didn’t need another reason to hate AUZA, they managed to sink our expectations even lower than they already were. With Higan, Aska, Morris, and Jason poised to hit AUZA where it hurts, Joseph, the guy running the shots at AUZA starts to grow more unhinged. And what he does this episode puts him straight at the top of everyone’s hit list. While the teaser for this episode implied someone would die, it also proved to be a red herring. Someone does die, but it’s not the person everyone was expecting.

Joseph Has no Respect

With Higan and Aska having escaped AUZA not once, but twice, last episode, Joseph is starting to lose it. AUZA is close to finishing their plans to control the world from the shadows, and Higan threatens to undo everything. As a result, he starts coming down hard on Yamaji to do something about Higan. He also chews out Big D for not killing them when he had the chance (he doesn’t care), and tries to coax Zai into going after Higan the first chance he gets. The majority of the episode is him yelling at everyone at how they’re going to ruin everything.

“Fool”#NinjaKamui #Toonami

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From the outset, the anime made it clear that Joseph is a horrible person. He’s arrogant, rude, and condescending to everyone around him, and it’s clear that Yamaji doesn’t respect him. The fact that Joseph threatens to make the former commit seppuku for his failures only highlights how ignorant and uncaring the man is towards the ways of the ninja. Yamaji even lampshades that ignorance by pointing out seppuku was never a ninja thing. That was the Samurai! 

Are we back in the ’90s with that high top? #NinjaKamui

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In contrast to this, though, Big D proves that even though he’s on AUZA’s side, he has more respect for the ninja way. He refused to kill Higan when he wasn’t at his full strength, and he pointedly ignores Joseph’s grilling while he gets his haircut. More to the point, when he and Higan do face off in their Gusoku suits this episode, he doesn’t want anyone to interfere. So when AUZA troops show up to try and kill everyone, he objects. Moreover, when Higan does win, he takes the defeat with grace and is willing to die at his hands. He’s got more respect for ninjas than Joseph ever does. A fact that’s made clear by Joseph rigging Big D’s suit to self-destruct in a last-ditch attempt to kill Higan!

It doesn’t work. But it does take someone else’s life besides Big D.

F in the Chat…for Aska.

Based on the previews for this episode, it looked like Agent Morris was going to die. The fact that he’s about to retire, his daughter is dead and his wife has left him all seemed like death flags to me. However, he manages to survive the episode. Tragically, there is someone else who dies thanks to the explosion: Aska. She isn’t able to get out of the blast in time, and spends her final moments being comforted by Higan, Morris, and James. 

EMMA! NOT AGAIN!#NinjaKamui #Toonami

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This was such a massive shocker to see. Considering how close she came to dying a few episodes ago, this caught me off-guard. And as the three are cremating her remains, you can tell how done they are with AUZA. Aska was the reason that Higan managed to survive the attempt on his life, even if his family didn’t. James respected her as a hacker. And Morris admits that he thought of her as a second daughter. Imagine getting a second chance to be a parent only to have that ripped away from you? 

At this point, there are three episodes left, and the trio are ready to burn AUZA to the ground. This anime hasn’t been the most action-filled you could find, but it’s still been a good show to watch. And I’m hoping that before it’s done, Joseph is lying on the ground wetting himself while they make him pay. 

Tune into #Toonami on Saturday, April 13th at midnight to catch the next brand new episode of Ninja Kamui, “Episode 10”!

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I Give “Episode 9” a 4/5

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