Adelaide Toy And Comic Fair 2024

I normally work the weekends but this Sunday took off to go attend you know some toy fair. 

What’s the trend people call it now “take myself on a solo date” bah what a thing to be trending but I just wanted to go to the fair man because I work every weekend majority of the time. First time I went was last October during public holiday weekend, it was busier then than it was this time. 

Wait times were less than my first visit, only waiting 20 minutes instead of the previous 40. I had nowhere important to be honestly, I had forgotten that feeling. Because I enjoy experiences like this and going solo sometimes you don’t feel rushed off your feet and this wasn’t about spending time with myself but enjoying the different experience. They had stamp system for those attending but the guy who imprinted me barely made a mark on my hand at the door upon entering. Definitely need a new stamper. It washed off easily when I went to wash my hands before leaving, no-one would be getting back in ahaha if that was them. Happy to say I only went $10 over my budget I set myself, because conventions I don’t like too even though the money is saved. I had no burning desire going in for anything in particular just look around and see what goods there were.

I ran into a couple of old faces from the local anime shop I attended a lot in my early teen hood. They had a cool set for all they’re horror merchandise, if you’re interested my friend Jennifer runs a horror podcast with Dan who runs a comic book store if you like horror things. They are on all listening platforms. The fair is held at a great venue very big, always a plus of not feeling squished, over 80 + stalls this year, more than last year. I was here for just over 2 hours and bit considering you know where everything is within an hour. But that’s an hour to scope out stuff then spend the other “what will I buy?” question goes around in your head. Exactly what happened to me but recommend that plan. 

The lego displays were amazing but I forgot to take a picture whoops but this display in the pictures above were so cool my god, original Toy Story, Tin, Tin and Zorro collectables. I am especially a fan of Zorro growing up (thanks Antonio Banderas), posters and framed goods from all over the world. I squealed a bit looking at these. 

There was some really cool stuff people were selling especially all the older games, consoles. Tempted to buy some more games I held myself back because I haven’t started two PS4 games nor finished my current Nintendo Switch game. I came across which I think is a laser disc for a mecha show my buddy Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews would know, let me know Scott. The comic I was eagerly interested in and would hunt down at a later date because spiderman and teen titans comics are my newest loves when it comes to reading. 

I am happy with my goodies which were, a sonic print from Eddie Illustration (you can find on instagram), Amy pop vinyl ( I need sonic next), pair of earrings from a local artist and X-men collectable of Storm surprisingly got a bargain for $35 instead of 50 since I mentioned this would be my first Storm anything. Amazing guy you are who gave me the bargain. My purchases were bought with intent not by impulse which amazed me really. As blowing the budget fully would have been so easy. I finished the “solo date” with sushi train sorry for the empty plates forget to take a pic but the jelly was amazing as always ahaha. It was a great outing and the event was well organised, plenty of room to look around, loads of rare goodies, you can’t go round as a nerd lover not to enjoy something like this. 

I will be a avid visitor for the future I think and maybe I can have my own stall to sell stuff will see. . . 

Hope you enjoyed the post, has been ages since writing about a event like this solved my problem on what was going to be this week’s post haha. 

See you in the next post!! 

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