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There’s a Party Here in Ranoa!

Mushoku Tensei S2 Ep 14 Review

There’s a party here in Ranoa, there’s excitement in the air! People pouring in from near and far, ’cause Sylphie and Rudy, they’re gonna have a wedding! Well, they’re skipping the wedding and just going straight to the reception. However, that’s beside the point. After reuniting with each other at Ranoa University (and healing him of his depression), Rudy and Sylphie are getting married. Sadly, like the source material, it’s never shown if they had a ceremony or filled out some forms. That doesn’t detract from the fact that Rudy is happy for the first time in years. In addition, this episode also reveals that Sylphie still has blood relatives left in the world. 

Before anything, though, lets discuss the new OP for Mushoku Tensei. I have some mixed feelings regarding it. On the one hand, the song is good, as is the animation. On the other hand, though, I dont know how to feel about how action-oriented it is, as well as all the spoilers. Mushoku Tensei didn’t even bother with an OP in its first season, using that time to focus on the story. When we did get an OP in season two, it was slower & more emotional. This feels like the anime is trying to emulate a contemporary like Sword Art Online. It feels a little jarring when you look at it like that. But what do you guys think?

Sylphie Still Has Family Left

Given its title, the majority of the episode revolves around Rudy and Sylphie’s wedding reception. Everyone they know and care about is there ready to celebrate and bless their marriage. However, the two most notable interactions are with Nanahoshi and Elinalise. Nanahoshi covers for Rudy about his past life, but it’s the moment when Elinalise tries to bless the couple that things take a turn. When Elinalise breaks down crying, Sylphie tells everyone what she’s already suspected: Elinalise is her grandmother.

Elinalise reveals she’s Sylphie’s Grandmother#MushokuTensei #anime #grandiaanime #isekai

— Grandia Anime (@LeJamesAu) April 14, 2024

For the record, I knew about this already from reading the light novel and manga. The anime had also dropped a hint when Elinalise recognized the pendant that Sylphie made for Rudy, so the clues were there. In addition, given how long Elves live as well as her curse and lifestyle choices, Elinalise having kids makes sense. Conversely, because of that same life, she’s never gotten the chance to enjoy having a family. It can be hard to imagine. 

I’ve seen and heard of a lot of people who have had to cut ties with their family because of their choices and things out of their control. Heck, with the rise of some content creator sites, I’ve seen people who have either had to resort to doing things they might consider embarrassing years from now, especially if they have kids. However, few things are more powerful than the bond between family, and Sylphie doesn’t reject Elinalise regardless of her choices and curse. 

As for Cliff, knowing his girlfriend has grandkids or had to sleep with a lot of men doesn’t change his feelings for her at all. If anything, he loves her even more for being so kind despite everything. Respect, Cliff!

Rudy Promises to Keep Sylphie Happy

Bro got packed just like that#MushokuTensei #無職転生

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The one thing that did surprise me about this episode, though, was how it moved a key moment from the story to the reception: Luke and Rudeus’ duel. In the source, that duel happens shortly after Rudy declares his intentions to marry Sylphie. The outcome remains the same, as is Luke and Ariel’s motivations behind it. For a moment, it felt like they weren’t going to do it at all. But the show surprised me. 

This was a quiet episode, no doubt about it. But that’s the beauty of Mushoku Tensei. It’s the kind of isekai that doesn’t rely on non-stop action, comedy or drama. Its not afraid to stop and look at the slow moments that make life worth living in the end. Also, Rudy is happily married now, and after all the hard work he’s put into being a better person, he’s earned this. 

【Ending Theme】
Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Season 2 Part 2


— AnimeTV チェーン (@animetv_jp) April 14, 2024

I Give “The Wedding Reception” a 4/5

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