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Salad Bowl #04 — Bully Lawyers


Is this really a field of law?


As poor as the first two thirds of this episode was, I think it’s really the end the drove the nail in the coffin home. It’s Halloween! So are we doing a Halloween bit? Some Halloween jokes? No. A quick dressup montage, and then it’s time for a alternate-world history lesson about Nobunaga. Because when I think of Halloween, the thing that comes to mind is definitely Nobunaga fanfiction. But that shouldn’t take away from the first half, which was another bullying thing. They defeated it by… recording the bullying, and then saying that they’ll sue the girl. Uh, that’s… at least an approach that I’ve not seen in any anime to date.

Nor was Wind Breaker any better. It continued its blue balling of the last few episodes by having a rival show up to declare that they were totally going to be having a tournament… eventually. Maybe next week, maybe we need to have a training arc first. Who knows? Who cares. Maybe I’ll just try to dredge up some horrible fighting harem school shows that I gave the pass on the first time around. Didn’t Asterisk somehow go for multiple seasons? And Date a Live is astonishingly in like season 5? God, it just feels like trying to think of ways to inflict brain poison instead of succumbing to a numbing mindless death.

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