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Doomsday Train #10 — Artistic Liberties


Commit, you cowards.


Another completely gag episode that is especially weird as we’re supposedly coming to the end. But since they haven’t been growing as characters, learning more about themselves and whatnot to inflict their growth upon the final destination anyway, I guess what’s the point. It’s still especially weird to have a whole half-episode bit of schtick about how one of them has a neglectful father who they fight with constantly, abandoned them at the start of the apocalypse and disappeared into the sunset, and is now cursed by evil manga artists, yet they never cared one whit about it. We’ve spent weeks mincing about our feelings over being a jerk to a friend, but dad? Whatever. Who cares about him?

And then we go to the second half and the evil manga artists who have the power of berets that let them inflict art at basically random. But the protagonists got a beret too, so they inflict art right back in another barrage of schtick. Which is to say largely sort of yelling about styles, and then one or more characters had to say a line in that style. It was… not exactly involved satire or parody so much as just an improv act with cues yelled from the audience that the artists also had to draw a couple frames of.


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