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B-Project Ryusei*Fantasia Western Release Date Announced for Nintendo Switch & Steam

PQube Games have recently announced that the visual novel B-Project Ryusei*Fantasia, which originally released in Japan back in 2021, will be making its western debut in July 2024 for the Nintendo Switch and Steam (via Windows PC). Interestingly, two release dates have been announced depending on whether you wish to own the game physically or digitally.

Those wishing to purchase the digital version of B-Project Ryusei*Fantasia, for both Nintendo Switch (via Nintendo eShop) and Windows PC (via Steam), can do so on 15th July 2024. Those wishing to own a physical Nintendo Switch version meanwhile will have to wait until 26th July 2024. We can only assume that the difference in release date for the physical version is to allow production and distribution of stock to retailers.

About: Step into the hardworking role of A&R (Artist & Repertoire) to the talented idol group, B-Project. Take 14 young members under your wing, each with different personalities and struggles. It’s your job to support them, help them grow, and allow them to flourish!

Discover the beginnings of the different idol groups – Kitakore, MooNs, THRIVE and KiLLER KiNG. Learn about their trainee days and the struggles they faced on the path to success. Follow the story as they join together to become one group, B-Project, and stand on Japan’s brightest stage.

As a reminder the game is developed by MAGES Inc and this western version will be published by PQube Games in Europe and North America for the Nintendo Switch and Windows PC. A steam page is available alongside a microsite which has more details about the game and the numerous characters that players will encounter. For the time being at least B-Project Ryusei*Fantasia will launch digitally on 15th July 2024 (for Nintendo Switch and Steam) with the physical version due on 26th July 2024 (for Nintendo Switch).

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