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Sonic x Shadow Generations Set for October 2024 Release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox & Windows PC

Originally shown during the Summer Game Fest showcase at the weekend, SEGA have confirmed that Sonic x Shadow Generations will launch digitally and physically for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC on 25th October 2024.

Sonic x Shadow Generations is an enhanced refresh/remake of Sonic Generations, of which saw Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic team-up to overcome a new threat warping time and space, and introduces Shadow as a playable character along with a stand-a-lone story where Shadow is the hero.

About: In this new standalone campaign, Shadow’s nemesis, Black Doom, has reemerged and threatens to take over the world once again. Shadow must journey into his past, confront his painful memories, and unlock new dark powers to save the world.

Based on what we know so far it seems that Sonic x Shadow Generations will feature the same game content as the original Sonic Generations title for Sonic, but will come with an entirely new story and hub world that focuses on Shadow, thus giving fans a two-in-one game approach.

In addition to the release date SEGA also confirmed that Sonic x Shadow Generations will have a Pre-Order Bonus and Digital Deluxe Edition available. The Digital Deluxe will grant access to a variety of bonus goodies, such as Digital Artbook and Soundtrack, and being able to play 3 days earlier (except on Nintendo Switch) than regular users. Those that pre-order will also receive a Legacy Sonic Adventure Skin for Sonic (which looks way past cool).

Sonic x Shadow Generations will launch both on 25th October 2025 and pre-orders are available now. Further details are available on the official website.

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