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Father and Son Reunited! Paul and Rudy Journey into the Labyrinth!

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation S2 Ep 20 Review

When the second season of Mushoku Tensei started, there were several moments from the Light Novel I looked forward to seeing. I wanted to see the moment when Rudy truly reunites with Sylphie. That tearful moment between Rudeus and Norn. I even wanted to see the time when Rudy went nuts on Linia and Pursena. I know it wasn’t right, but seeing him get so mad about his figurine was funny! But near the top of the list of moments I wanted to see was the start of the Labyrinth Arc. When Rudeus, his dad, Roxy, and everyone else team up to rescue his mother. So, after months of waiting (and finally reading Volume 12), how did the anime measure up to my expectations?

Meh, I think the light novel did a few things better. Mainly because it managed to leave a few things out.

Paul is Even in Worse Shape than the Anime Lets On

Having made it to the city of Rapan, it doesn’t take long for Rudy and Elinalise to find Paul’s party; they run into Geese at the local Adventurer’s Guild, and he brings them to Paul. And this is where some of my issues with the episode begin to unfold. To be fair, though, part of it has to do with some of the advantages of literature over animation.

Light novel vs anime

— Cloudy (@CloudMonkeyTWT) June 2, 2024

Geese told the two going in that Paul was in a pretty rough state, but the anime doesn’t emphasize just how bad it is for him like the light novels do. Rudeus’ perspective describes how, despite lacking the stubble and scent of booze, Paul looks ready to drop dead from exhaustion. He’s so out of it that it isn’t until Rudeus mentions he’s going to be a father soon that he realizes he wasn’t dreaming. It’s that bad!

And for some reason, they push back Rudy revealing he got married to Sylphie to a later scene. It doesn’t make sense to me.

At the very least, the anime remains faithful to most of the scenes that come next. That awkward reunion between Paul and Elinalise is there, as well as him calling Cliff weird for wanting to marry her (LOL.) They skip over some details about the teleporter labyrinth, but the important part is how Roxy is missing. I did like how the dialogue faded out in the anime as Rudeus processed that piece of information, though. It just shows how horrifying hearing that was for him.

My favorite part of the episode is the scene in the inn afterward. Paul, Rudeus, and Lilia share the same room, and what follows is pretty heartwarming.

Like a Family Again

Lilia goes wild when it comes to doing it!#MushokuTensei #JoblessReincarnation #無職転生

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This episode marked the first time in almost ten years that Rudeus has managed to spend time with his father and Lilia as an actual family. They had managed to meet during Rudeus’ grand odyssey three years ago, but circumstances meant they couldn’t afford to enjoy their time together. This time, though, they all feel free to use their time together to the fullest, especially Paul.

You can tell throughout the episode that, despite their dire circumstances, Paul’s elated to see his grown-up son again. He’s happy that his son reunited with and married Sylphy, and they’re about to have their first child. He’s eager to show off in front of his son in the labyrinth. And as crude as it is, he enjoys being able to have some “locker room talk” with Rudeus now that he’s no longer a virgin.

It may seem like Paul’s overdoing it a bit, but keep in mind their circumstances. Had the Mana Disaster not occurred, Rudy would’ve eventually returned to Buena Village (assuming he didn’t get engaged to Eris.) Had that happened, the two would’ve had plenty of time to bond in that case. Thus, it makes sense that Paul wanted to make up for lost time, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I would have liked Mushoku Tensei giving more Rudeus & Elinalise’s journey but here is the labyrinth
Ayumu Uwano’s sense of inner reflects on his storyboard using stalactite/stalagmite in the framing
you get an idea of the relief of the tortuous narrow labyrinth. Also depth

— kyouray (@kyouray) June 2, 2024

The descent into the labyrinth itself was about what I expected, besides leaving out some funny moments, like Paul learning Elinalise is Sylphie’s grandmother. At least until we see Roxy again.

Rudy’s Roxy Sense Tingles

Much like the scene with Paul, the anime could’ve better with Roxy’s reintroduction. The light novel does a much better job of emphasizing the fact that Roxy has spent a month trapped alone inside the labyrinth. Her appearance is unkempt, she’s got bags under her eyes, and she’s slowly dying from mana depletion and poisoning. The anime doesn’t show it, but she’s had to spend the last month or so eating monsters to survive, and that’s slowly sapped her strength due to having to detoxify them. By the time we see her again, she’s on her last legs. Her last thoughts being of her life up until that point, and how, if she got out of this mess alive, she wanted to become a teacher. She’s just begging for someone to come save her.

And then, as if the universe answered her prayers, Rudeus appears. And the episode ends.

I was not happy with the ending of the episode. I dont know if the anime intends to show what happens next in full, but let’s say this ends up becoming one of the funniest moments in the entire series. If you’ve read the light novel or my recap on Roxy’s life after she left Buena Village. I hope they adapt what comes next in full. I will be disappointed otherwise.

This was an okay start to the Labyrinth arc. I wish the anime had spent more time adapting everything, but you can only win some of them. I hope it gets better from here on out.


ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー#大原ゆい子 さんの「守りたいもの」に乗せて


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I Give “Into the Labyrinth” a 3/5

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