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This Might Be the Worst Day of Rudeus’ Life

Mushoku Tensei S2 Ep 22 Review

…You know, there’s an interesting thing about spoilers some people dont get. Even knowing what happens beforehand only sometimes makes things easier to read or watch. The Red Wedding is still horrific. Watching Ace die at Marineford is still traumatic. And what happens in this episode of Mushoku Tensei is still horrifying. I held back on watching this episode until I finished it in the light novel, and I procrastinated on that despite knowing how it would end. It was just too traumatic to want to sit through. Even so, I knew that this was the climax of Turning Point 3 for Rudeus, so I steeled myself for what happened. Rudeus and Paul pull out all the stops to rescue Zenith, but even with their strength, they cannot win without great sacrifice.

The Ultimate Boss Fight

After locating the true circle leading to the teleportation labyrinth’s final floor, the group comes face-to-face with their ultimate goal: Zenith. She’s inside magic crystals, frozen in suspended animation, and it is not made clear if she’s alive or dead.

Zenith is finally found #無職転生 #MushokuTensei #無職転生II

— 𝓡𝓲𝔁𝓲 (@Rixi0303) June 16, 2024

That’s the good news. The bad news? That hydra that appears in the opening is guarding it. And when Paul pulls a Leeroy Jenkins and charges right in, the party learns two bad things. Firstly, since its a hydra, it can regenerate. Secondly…its scales are immune to magic.

They have to knock Paul out and run before they get killed. As someone who’s played games with many tough bosses, I know this is the right move. Rushing into a boss fight without knowing everything can kill you. And Rudeus’ group doesn’t have the luxury of returning from death.

Rudy Has Never Considered his Parents…His Parents.

Even though they made the right call, Paul can’t help but snap at Rudeus for remaining calm. He points out how cold he’s being when his mother, the woman who gave birth to him, is in danger. Which brings up an uncomfortable subject. Paul and Zenith might be his biological parents, and Rudeus cares about them, but…he’s never seen them as his parents.

Rudeus saying he doesn’t much care about Zenith his birth mother in this world is cruel and bad but this is great writing, a hard truth that humans are selfish and most of the times only for themselves, can’t wait to next eps for more on this and Zenith.#無職転生 #MushokuTensei

— Jai (Mushoku Season & GBC too, Monogatari Next) (@Jai_Dev_TT) June 16, 2024

It’s not entirely Rudeus’ fault. He had lived a whole other life before being reincarnated, and from the way he talks about them, he wasn’t that close to his original parents. He regrets it, but at the same time, he’s never done anything to correct it. He mentally calls Paul and Zenith by their first names rather than “Dad” and “Mom,” highlighting the emotional walls he’s put between them. And not helping matters is the fact that Rudeus hasn’t seen Zenith in ten years. Its not like he’s as close to her as he is to Paul. And its going to be something he will regret before the day is out.

I Wish That Rudy had Brought More People With Him

At any rate, what Rudeus, Roxy, and the Fangs of the Black Wolf is the equivalent to the final boss of an MMORPG Dungeon. They’re all strong, but they’re at a disadvantage. Paul and (to a lesser extent) Elinalise are the only ones that can damage it. And those magic-proof scales mean Rudy, Roxy, and Talhand can’t even scratch. Even so, they do have a plan. Cut off the heads, cauterize the wounds with magic at point-blank range, rinse and repeat until they win. They do float around the idea of heading back to town and recruiting more adventurers, but Paul will have it later. His wife is finally in arm’s reach, and he’s so eager to rescue her that he won’t wait any longer.

If I seem misgivings about this, it’s because I do. I’ve had them since Rudy decided to join the rescue mission with only Elinalise. If he had asked any friends he made at Ranoa U for help, they probably would’ve gone with him. If Badigadi were still hanging around, that would’ve been even better since the guy’s immortal! Most of all, though, what I knew was coming next made me wish now more than ever that Eris hadn’t left. They could have prevented what comes next if she had stuck around.

The Fight that Fans Waited for.

The following fight is nothing short of the best in the entire season. I know there has been a limited amount of fighting in season two, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s amazing. I’d even call it one of the best anime moments for 2024! The fluid animation, the music, the setting. Moments like this make Mushoku Tensei a cut above most isekai! Everyone was magnificent, and seeing Paul and Rudy fight alongside each other was a privilege.

Paul is a Literal Badass!#MushokuTensei #JoblessReincarnation #無職転生

— Andrew (OtakuSpirit) (@OtakuSpirited) June 16, 2024

This only makes the outcome even more difficult to consider. Rudy losing his arm would be bad enough, but Paul…



— d0nut2x (@d0nut2x) June 16, 2024

I had known this moment for a long time. But, again, I needed more time to watch. Nor does the Drama CD detailing Paul’s final thoughts.

Paul’s Perspective from the MT Volume 12 Drama CD. #無職転生 #MushokuTensei

— Martin || 藤川 (@ogblynz) June 19, 2024

And the fact that this episode came out on Father’s Day 2024? Whoever distributes the anime in Japan intentionally did that to make it an even bigger tearjerker than it already is.

I’m not crying, you’re crying

— Hikari Suzuki (@HikariSuzuki14) June 16, 2024

This Doesn’t Feel Like a Win

The rest of the episode is nothing but one massive tearjerker. Telling everyone back in town about Paul’s death. Rudy looking at the bloody stump where his arm once was. And the biggest kick in the pants? When Zenith finally awakens, she doesn’t remember anything. She can’t even speak!

The most emotional episode ever
Zenith Paul Rudy #無職転生 #MushokuTensei #無職転生II

— 𝓡𝓲𝔁𝓲 (@Rixi0303) June 16, 2024

I don’t know who feels worse: Rudy for knowing that his getting distracted led Paul to sacrifice himself, or the Black Wolves for not being fast enough. Lilia, knowing that the man she loves is dead and her best friend may never recover. This might be the worst day of Rudy’s life.

Episode of the year WITHOUT A DOUBT#MushokuTensei

— Ailan (@LastBoss__) June 16, 2024

F in the Chat for Paul

The thing is, I don’t think that Paul regretted the choice he made. Despite all his flaws and self-deprecation, Paul was a good Dad. He made some mistakes, but so does everyone. And despite telling Rudy to save his mom even if it killed him, he still gave his life to save Rudy. Anyone who deserves to be called a parent would sacrifice themselves if it meant their child got to live. And if I ever have kids, I hope to God I can be that good.

And, since no one else is going to say it, I want to: think about how everyone that knew Rudeus would react if they learned he died? His friends at Ranoa University would be wracked with grief. Once she found out, Eris would likely never forgive herself for leaving Rudeus to train without saying goodbye. She might even take her own life out of guilt! And worst of all, imagine how utterly broken Sylphie would be? Her husband, her first friend, the man she loved, would be dead. Their child would grow up never knowing their father! That’s messed up!!!

This might be the worst day of Rudeus’ life. Almost dying at the hands of Orsted was traumatic. Having Eris leave him? Mentally scarring. But this? This is the sort of thing that would break a lot of people. All that he can do now is pick up the pieces. Next episode, we have the season finale. Then, we’ve got a long wait for the inevitable third season.

Please pay tribute to Paul Greyrat. He may not have been a perfect dad or a perfect human being, but he did well in the end.

Journey of Paul Greyrat. A flawed dirtbag of a father that, despite his own weaknesses, pushed to reunite his family with incredible strength.#MushokuTensei #JoblessReincarnation #無職転生

— Andrew (OtakuSpirit) (@OtakuSpirited) June 17, 2024

I Give “Parents” a 5/5

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