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Suicide Squad in Neverland #02 — What Truly Is Fantasy Anyway?


Let’s sit here and explain it for a bit.


I can’t say that things are getting any better. If at any point you’re writing a script and a character utters any phrase along the lines of “Just to remind you” or “Have you forgotten?”, you should probably take a second to consider whether the rest of this conversation needs to happen. They explain the obligatory Suicide Squad bombs-in-head thing I think three times in this episode alone, not counting the long explanation in the previous episode. And since we also need to sit through Clayface explaining what going to another world means, that magic exists, and that he has powers, in case you’ve forgotten all of that, the pacing is a touch horrific. And I still haven’t gotten over Harley’s flat voice acting, and especially the lack of the characteristic New York accent.

The action animation at least has settled a little bit, though it’s trying to put a dude flicking pebbles at the same level as giant magical hammers and a 500 pound shark, so there’s a lot to be desired. Nor is the humor working for me. It’s still not at all organic, like out of nowhere, a Thriller dance scene. Yeah, Clayface is dressed like Michael Jackson. Was it just for that bad random joke? There wasn’t much other humor in the episode either, dark or otherwise, because so much of it was consumed by unnecessary exposition. But I’ll have more to say about the pacing after the third episode because at that point, we’ll have about reached the length of a standard DCAU movie, and it’s more than a little pathetic how little the story has moved in comparison. 


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