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Whoops no posts for a while heres a update at least to give.

Hey Hey All, 

I never start out with a personal hey greeting but it’s been a bit since this blog looked alive haha. I make no apologies because study and life got real crazy for the past month, that was more important than even anime. *shocker* Nothing is more important than anime trust me it is only in the last week things have calmed down and this week allowed me to get back into the things that make me unwind. 

First to say: 

I can’t remember the last podcast update but literally as I’m writing this the June episode went live! I feel a massive accomplishment just putting this out ahaha. I have two episodes planned for July as I haven’t achieved this for the year so far. That’s live across all platforms and there are five new episodes since my last update if I can remember correctly. (Don’t hold me to that ahaha) 


Second That: 

August Hiatus

I am going to take the month of August off from the blog only, the podcast will carry on as normal. I am in a figuring out period about my blog and what I want to do with it going from here. I need some time for that and real life focus also. That leads me to say the regular Wednesday schedule might be downgraded to fortnightly but I’ll let you know about that. 

July I plan to put out whatever I feel like, I have a few posts I’d like to write but at my own leisure not sticking to my usual schedule. My study still takes up a majority of my time during this month for the reason why but July will be more active along with a post towards the end of the month, I’ll be excited to write about. 


Currently is winter in Aussie land hence you can potentially sense my relaxed vibe. Right now all I want to do is watch anime for the next half of the year without thinking about much else is really what I think but I can do that while hitting the markers I’ve set for myself here and the podcast. I don’t want that to change. They’re will be another update at the end of July to confirm more updates but for now you are all update. Now excuse me while I go digest some anime haha. 

See you in the next post! which won’t be long haha. 

Lita x

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