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My Wife Has No Emotions #01 — Barefoot and In the Kitchen


Even the title of the episode is godawful.


Well, this was a good deal more horrifying with voice acting and a small amount of animation than just the manga, and it was already pretty bad to begin with. There’s so many terrible things here, from the creepy dude who spends the entire episode getting drunk and having parasocial fantasies about his slave robot maid, to the slave robot maid insisting on being maximally servile. All the while, it asks the question: “Is this a relationship? Is this love?” What is going on here? If this was presented as an actual person, the answer would be unquestionably no. It’s literally a slave that you bought. But it being a robot of questionable sentience, framing the dude as being particularly thoughtful and empathic makes it so, so much worse.

There’s absolutely nothing to recommend this on any front either. Certainly not the technical side as the animation is barely existent, and the robot’s mouth never moving doesn’t help that. The humor and… *gag* romance… are also barely there. He flirts with her and she sits there ignoring it, or she insists on being extra servile to him. Those are the two jokes, and even then, I doubt they reach double digits put together. At least the music is soporific, so you could easily nap through the episode. That’s the only positive thing I’m willing to say about any of this.


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