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The Old Rookie Adventurer #01 — Staring Blankly at Women


Somehow the highlight of the episode.


Oh boy. An entire episode of doing the sorting hat dumbassery endemic to these stupid cheat power things. The premise is basically the same as Kenichi, a ‘loser’ taken in by a bunch of super strong people… except we’re skipping over the entire parts where the dude is ever weak, where he learns anything, where he’s still outclassed by all the random bully jerks and struggles against them even knowing a few tricks, not to mention all the fanservice friendly visuals and slapstick. All of which I would say is pretty damn important to the story, character, and humor. There’s a big difference between an actual underdog struggling to be better and an oaf terrorizing people under the thinnest pretenses of victimhood.

There is only the one joke here. “He is a loser and weak. AAAAAAAHHHHH! HE BROKE THE SCOUTER! AAAAHHHHH!” But also, because he’s 32, everybody is bound and determined to say that all the half dozen sorting hats and whatnot must be mistaken. Okay, fine. There’s a second joke where the token twintailed blonde trips and he assumes it’s a special unavoidable attack. Brillaint. Even the fanservice is crap. Those two screenshots in a row of the elf’s chest aren’t a mistake. It sits on them for about 5 seconds, then slightly after, goes right back to staring at them. Which is also its approach to ‘fight’ scenes. To stop, sit in slow motion, staring blankly, explaining how his power level is actually super duper high, but maybe he’s mistaken and it’s super duper low, so maybe he needs to think and explain it some more. 

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