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Sound! Euphonium S3 Review — A-

The band is back.

Kind of just amazed they finished this after the tragedy at KyoAni and how many years it’s been. It did not disappoint. And actually managed to come to a proper conclusion (although not one that wraps a bow on everything neatly— all the characters remain true to themselves and continue to grow even after the show ends, it feels).

The third and final season was filled with all the band drama we’ve all come to know and love, with the added complication of the students we saw as freshmen are now the band leadership. Reina is now drum major and oh my god these poor little babies don’t know what they’re in for. Taki sensei continues to be a moron and Reina continues to attempt to deny she is a lesbian by fantasizing about him.

I quite liked the final conflict regarding the auditions— loved how nobody got what they wanted but they all managed to accept it.

Storytelling – A – Love how they had three years of essentially the same thing but managed to focus on such different things each time.
Voice – A – Not the happy and cute brainless club stories we usually get.
Characters – A – Very well fleshed out.
Attention Grab – A – Kept my excitement, although it had been so long…
Production – A – Looks fantastic.
Overall – A-


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