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Pseudo Harem #01 — Theatrics


Ouch, my lack of budget.


There’s something just plain pleasant to see with characters that actually have a bit of chemistry and being generally supportive and enthusiastic about each other without any creepy slave dynamics or the like. And not in the weird dismissive sense that that stepsister show was going for earlier. That was more nihilistic. I’m determined to not care about you especially, which is the greatest form of consideration. This is just sickeningly saccharine sappiness and nonstop flirting, both of them teasing the other and being a disgustingly cute couple.

I will say that I wish it had gone further in actual adaptation. Well, and more of a budget, since that can be stark at times. The manga is essentially just a bunch of very short scenes of the two of them only. So every scene here that involves literally any other person has been made up, but that’s a good thing to me as it helps bridge some scenes and provide more context to them. I just wish that it had gone a little further. I do think, like most of these shows, it could stand to have just a little bit more structure; a start and end to episodes, but both characters are pleasant, have chemistry, and they’re nice to watch. As far as cheesy romance wish fulfillment shows go, this genuinely did a good job on legitimately being sappy as absolute hell. Enough to carry it for 12 episodes? Dunno, but at least this episode was enough to give you cavities.

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