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Suicide Squad in Oz #04 — But First, a War Council


I’m about 99.4% certain throwing rats together is not, in fact, how you exterminate rats. 

If anything, it’s how you get even more rats.


This episode was sufficiently terrible that I may be done here. What is even going on with the script here? Can we at least decide on a level of violence? We’re okay with King Shark chewing people in half, but the big plan for these hardened insane criminals is to lure a dude out and then snipe his staff? Not him, but his staff. Because despite the whole conversation in the previous episode about how everybody is getting random magical powers, they’ve figured out that he didn’t, and it’s all the staff. Also, what? Was shooting him in the head too violent for you? Decided that this week we were aiming for a PG rating? Didn’t feel like any jokes this week either?

But even this comes at the end of another 15 or so minutes of them sitting around in rooms, demanding recap and announcing that it made no sense for them to suddenly be in jail again for no reason. Yeah, you’re right. That is a pretty damn huge plot hole and completely out of character. Maybe you should stop both doing it, and pointing out that you’re doing it. Nor is another recap of the plot necessary. Yeah, you’re at war. We got that from the first three war councils. Oh, but we have to have a sad flashback about how the princess had poor friends and then one of them randomly died of the plague offscreen because the warmonger queen was mean? Great. Fantastic. Well, now I’m totally all in on… whatever the hell that’s supposed to make me care about.

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