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Elfen Lied to Receive Standard Edition Blu-Ray in the UK via Anime Limited

Anime Limited, otherwise known as All The Anime, have recently announced on social media that they will be releasing a standard edition Blu-Ray version of Elfen Lied in the UK on 9th September 2024; with pre-orders currently being accepted on the AllTheAnime Store.

Elfen Lied – Complete Series (AllTheAnime Store)
Release Date: 9th September 2024 | English & Japanese | SRP: £39.99
Episodes 1- 13 on 2 Discs

Synopsis: Lucy is a psychopathic killer with powers beyond any humans. Nyu is a helpless child with no memories. Both could not be farther apart, but both find themselves inside the same body. Two students that have taken in Nyu find their world being turned around as the government sets out to kill Lucy. A strange story of romance and chaos as innocence and darkness collide in a series like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Disc Content:

Episodes 1 – 13 (English & Japanese with English subtitles)

Bonus Features

Character Artwork

Production Artwork

Textless Songs


Interestingly this is another recused license release from Anime Limited, as Elfen Lied was previously released on Blu-Ray in the UK by 101 Films (in both Steelbook (of which we unboxed) and Standard Edition forms) and can still be found at retailers. However, what’s surprising is that this new release from Anime Limited does not mention the inclusion of the OVA (Episode 10.5), an episode which was included in the previous UK Blu-Ray release of the series by 101 Films.

It is possible that Anime Limited forget to mention it on the product listing, as the rest of the on disc content seems to be the same as the previous release by 101 Films (as seen in our review). If the OVA Episode isn’t included, then it would be a big disappointment for fans wanting to own the classic series.

That aside, this standard edition blu-ray release of Elfen Lied from Anime Limited is currently available to pre-order from the AllTheAnime Store and is expected to be released on 9th September 2024 within the UK.

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