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NieR Automata #13 — Stabby Time Once Again


She’s just not into you, dude.


While I did finish the first season, I wasn’t the biggest fan, and the massive production issues, including a five month gap before a very rushed final set of episodes has made my memory of it largely just a haze. This episode did very little to help on that front. I’m not a superfan of the game/franchise. Yoko Taro joints are far too filled with jank for them to inspire anything but frustrated rage for me, though perhaps that’s the true existential despair of Nier after all.

Aaaaanywho, like many of the first season, this episode I wouldn’t be shocked if it was full of meaning and cool to people who are superfans and are familiar with what it’s adapting absurdly fast, but for me… eh. They meet some lady, and in the next scene, she’s leaping off a rooftop due to an evil virus. Then it’s off to a dungeon to meet up with Emil before 2B gets all stabby again. I’m sure there’s a lot of game that’s been glossed over to make this less abrupt and more cohesive, but it ain’t here, and the stuff I did like from the first season, the over the top action and the quiet, more contemplative atmospheric stuff, that wasn’t in this episode either.  


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