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Sakuna #01 — No Alcohol For Minors


Oh, we’re going to be a G rated adaptation.


It’s not often a good sign when your game adaptation cuts out all the tutorials and gameplay, and still takes twice as long to cover the same amount of story. Plus the lame-ification of Sakuna herself. Here, she’s just a bit lazy and arrogant. In the game, she’s a drunken imbecile which adds to the charm of being able to spider-man all over the place and physically hurl rabbits into walls before cleaving their skulls open with a hoe and then taking their corpses back to be cooked. At least until all the mechanics that are designed to make you suffer start being introduced.

This Sakuna is pathetic compared to her original. She swings with her scarf a whopping twice, and whips absolutely nobody with it. So less a drunken gremlin of chaos who probably does need to spend time with actual goblins, and instead a petulant child throwing a tantrum. Any charm she may have had evaporates under being incredibly annoying with none of the game’s action fun bits to liven it up. And I must remind you, this hasn’t even gotten to the tedious parts of the game.


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