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My Deer Friend #02 — Ungulate Reincarnation


Please go easy on my ears.


It seems all roads in comedy these days lead to screaming. I would have greatly preferred if it had ramped up the absurdism instead because after ten minutes straight of having to suffer through Japanese women yelling, it really makes me want to do… literally anything that doesn’t involve thirty year old women trying to sound like 15 year olds shouting at the top of their lungs. It wasn’t even just the punchline yelling. The new character, sister of the blonde, her schtick is obsessive/possessive and so she yells murderous rage nonstop. Meaning that the yelling is both setup and punchline.

Then we move to the second half and it’s back to just the blonde yelling overreactions. They have a trivia contest about her, which is just them saying embarrassing things about her, like “cuddles stuffed animals” and “doesn’t wear a bra” so that she can scream “THIS IS SOMETHING EMBARASSING THAT YOU HAVE SAID.” Eventually, they get to the one passable sufficiently bizarre thing of the episode with deer god kicking her in the face, but at that point, it’s been twenty minutes of shrill yelling and my ears are perhaps just welcome for the relief.


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