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Our Last Crusade in Russian #13 — Mostly Fetishes


Ah yes, ”’romantic”’ ”””comedies.””’


My memory of the first season of this show is basically non-existent, but I had the vague impression that it was a bunch of nothing. And that they spent a long time on a vacation from the generational racist blood feud in Vegas, a neutral city where all racists get together without issue. Going back to look at my closing comments from four years ago, that seems to entirely be time erasing all the horrible thoughts from my head. Or more specifically, it was nothing, never going anywhere or doing much of anything. Just fumbling about until a random monster appears, so everybody can glow with magic and then all antagonists and protagonists merrily skip home. A Romeo and Juliet story without intrigue, drama, or romance. Now with a first episode that’s entirely meetings and taking baths. What’s there not to love?

Meanwhile, in the second episode of that Russian girl show, the student president is revealed to be his sister and immediately starts doing all the normal sister things. Sneaking into his room in her pajamas, straddling him and bouncing around, leaning over so he can see down her shirt, and taking him on dates. You know, regular sister stuff. But we can’t forget the titular girl, so she tags along to undress for some nice full-ass and bra shots and dress-up montage, and to huff and puff and pout all her jealousy while the protagonist sits there like a capybara, stately, rotund, and actively growing mold. What chemistry. What comedy. What romance. 

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