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Pseudo Harem #02 — Holiday Season


At least I’m not being yelled at.


My thoughts haven’t changed much here. It’s cute enough, and they’ve got more chemistry together than 99% of anime characters, couples or otherwise, but there’s not a lot to really write about or say. It’s fluff, which is fine. It is actually sort of pleasant, but it’s still just two awkward teenagers flirting nonstop with each other, and that’s accentuated more this episode without any interactions with other people like the first episode had.

I think if it had a bit more structure to it, that would help a lot. For example. they could focus on one personality as the main one of the episode with some at least minor story element providing some connecting tissue between scenes. This episode moves unceremoniously from school festival to home sick to Christmas to New Year back to school, but there was also no real reason for it to be most of those things, and it’s awkward that it’s trying to show so much time passing while stringing together scenes as if they’re happening one after another, not weeks to months apart. 


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