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The Rising of the Shield Hero Review

Now that got depressing quickly

Following the story of Naofumi Iwatani, it’s an Isekai anime (sent to another world) where he is a poor otaku bastard who can’t get a break. If you are an anime fan I shouldn’t have to tell you about this show, its amazing and fits into a very popular category of shows. Isekai and Shounen 

I realize I may be late to the party but the way I watch anime is binging a season into an afternoon. I don’t like to wait a week to see what happens next basically, So here we go. 

Why I like this anime: The difficult situation that Naofumi was placed in would make even the toughest character crack under the pressure. Being in a foreign world and going through emotional torment would leave you a little sour about your own situation. The fact that Naofumi embraces this situation and transforms it into a positive is amazing and shows me how a well-crafted story goes. The alternative routes that a traditional hero can go down present an interesting argument, by utilizing everything to his disposal from carrying the balloon monsters on his person, taking an ultimate defense and creating a powerful offense. Becoming a merchant and shrewd businessman not only extends his contact list and bank account, but it also establishes that he is not a hero for the sake of the crown. 

By sticking to what he thinks is right he is rewarded with plot convenience and fast story development. While the other heroes and trying to be grand and treating life like a game they are creating more issues than they are solving. Naofumi is having to go around cleaning up their mess and this strengthens his character. 

By picking up and analyzing every opponent and material his shield continues to expand and grow in capabilities and this makes for an interesting question as to when is he going to use that skill?

Naofumi has grit, he is intelligent and knows how to play the cards he has been handed.

Now there are flaws to every show: One being that Naofumi has been handed quite a few good situations as well, his slave purchase being a good pick, running into the correct people and seeing a direct payoff from his choices this quickly is something that only happens in fantasy. The story leads you to believe the shield hero is the weakest but it also alludes to the fact that he is the strongest, in a way the fact that the king and story are so mysterious as to why the shield sucks make me think because they have gone rogue or are meant to. I could be thinking into it too much though. 

Naofumi is a harem god and this seems to overplayed, why couldn’t his party members be adult men? 

The story is dark but it could be darker given his situation, I would have liked to see a more berserk type storyline, where he has been dealt a worse hand and is forced to become an actual anti-hero, but that doesn’t sell.

The matriarchy in the country doesn’t seem to stay consistent, as we are repeatedly faced with male characters in positions of wealth and power, I just would’ve liked more explanation to have occurred in the process of 12 episodes. 

Overall you have to give it a watch and see for yourself why this show is so brutally amazing. I can only spoil part of the show with my review. But hopefully, that doesn’t prevent you from wanting to watch it. 


Shield Hero

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