Dr. Stone Chapter 231: Negotiation Fails, Back To Earth! Release Date

Dr. Stone Chapter 231 might be the penultimate outing of the manga. The latest unofficial updates have created quite a stir over the internet. It is being said that the manga is about to end in the next two weeks. But is the story on the brink of conclusion? Is there a scope for a […]

Black Clover Chapter 325 Delayed: Last Battle Against The Devil King Release Date

Fans of Black Clover will be sad to find out that their favorite Shonen story will not make it to the screens this week. This means that fans will have to wait for one extra week to see what happens at the end of the stand-off between Lucifero and the Devil King. More importantly, the […]

Now and Then, Here and There – 2 [A Boy and a Mad King] – Throwback Thursday

Welcome back everyone, to another (late) episode of Now and Then, Here and There! Hey, remember when everyone kept telling me in the comments to get ready, it’s going to get dark? Well that’s what happened this week, with no punches pulled. We have a lot to talk about with that so lets dive right …

Seraph Of The End Chapter 112: Yu & Guren’s Final Fight! Release Date

The monthly dose of Owari No Seraph is here, and we have good news for you. After waiting for an entire month, fans can finally hope to see Yu and Guren in an incredible action sequence. Yu has to avenge the deaths of his mother and father from Guren. Even though Guren has his own […]

Dr. Stone Manga To Bid Farewell In The Next Two Issues! How Will The Story End?

Sad and unfortunate are understatements fr the news that you are about to read right now. A few months back, the makers of Dr. Stone manga revealed that the story was in its final arc. Fans had predicted that a conclusion would be announced soon enough. But they had no idea that it would be […]

Fire Force Manga Ending Explained! Soul Eater Prequel? Season 3 Updates!

Atsushi Okubo’s Fire Force Manga has finally reached its grand ending. Fans were in awe of the climax and readily praised the author’s work. Fire Force stretched upon till 300+ chapters, with 304th finally concluding the series. The chapter finds the Fire Force grounds away from all the battles. Meanwhile, a great revelation comes across, […]