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Houkago Shounen Hanako-kun – 03

This series has won me over to be sure.  It’s easy to get drawn into this world (I’d go so far as to say the world building with Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun is top tier).  The issue is that everything is so short – the episode count, and the episodes themselves.  It’s really over before it has a chance to really shine, in both senses.  All the more reason to hope there’s a real anime continuation (or reboot) in the offing.

I certainly liked the “apparition fever” chapter the better of the two this week.  Ghosts and paranormal creatures being subject to colds probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but there’s a lot of suspension of disbelief already baked into the premise so who cares.  Hanako mistaking a fire extinguisher for Nene in his fevered state was pretty amusing, as was his infecting all the mokke (who are clearly the real stars of Houkago Shounen Hahanko-kun) when they try to cuddle him to death(?).

The second chapter features Tiara, the five year-old sister of the Mia Moto clan, taking home a mokke (maybe one still recovering from Hanako’s cold).  This is mostly just Moeblob stuff but there are a couple of amusing moments here, especially Tiara’s snide comment about Kou’s lack of success with girls.  And with that, next week is already the final episode.  Let’s hope it delivers (not lease some news in the end card)…

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