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Slave of the Elite #03 — Evil Doppelgangers


Get your own powers.


My first thought continues to be that the show is just going through relatively uninteresting motions of a very token not-much-of-a-backstory while also introducing the least subtle antagonists/evil versions of the protagonists, but then my second thought is inevitably how goddamned rare the basics here have become. I can’t praise it for doing what I consider the bare minimum in progressing while constantly getting distracted by even more half-assed fanservice. Like, seriously, just wearing that sweater was probably more titilating than the whole upskirt stomping on his junk foot fetish scenes. And they’re so pedestrian, pun intended. Make it a joke with some weird distracted thoughts or really go over the top. I’ve worked on and played SHChara games. This isn’t my first rodeo when it comes to weird out of place exposition during S&M sex scenes. I’ve learned about the history of dragon subjugation during them. This is small potatoes.

Anyway, new antagonists are introduced by ranting about her missing brother and then everybody going “Wait, could that mean…” cutting off their sentence, bringing it back up, saying “Nah, no way,” and then doing that two to three more times while the antagonist herself is busy screaming “Yes, 100% it is.” So not only is it getting drawn out, but it’s already been made clear, hitting the worst of both worlds and just making the protagonists look like imbeciles. But at least there was some sort of fight, even if Seven Arcs is still barely a shade above bad. Or maybe it’s just that I glanced at that furry magazine show before getting to this, and that’s firmly on the side of horrifically embarrassing animation. The grass, and fetishes, are always greener.

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