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Bang Brave Bang Bravern #02 — Comedy and Torture


Not sure they’re the best combination.


I’m really not sure what the tone they’re going for here is. The corny 80s super robot stuff was much more central to this episode, with the serious military folks being exasperated at the giant robot interrupting them to scream unhinged nonsense… and then they keep cutting to the dude being waterboarded and tortured. Then the evil version of a giant robot appears, and it starts blowing up everything, but they had a whole sad funeral scene to start the episode. Are we supposed to think about all the random people getting killed here or not?

Is the awkward juxtaposition intended, or are we supposed to be unilaterally on the side of the 50 foot robot throwing a tantrum like a 10 year old and the tortured dude who doesn’t even want to pilot it? Because right now, the blond dude seems like the real hero of the story, and so will probably either be martyred or corrupted. And then the ED kicks in with both dudes half-naked, just yelling “LA LA LA” over and over. I have no idea what headspace I’m even supposed to be in with this show, and I’m not sure that it has any idea either.

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