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Get To Know The Neon Genesis Evangelion Characters

neon genesis evangelion

In the year 2000, a great explosion caused by an alien life-form wiped out half the earth’s population—an event that came to be referred to as Second Impact.

Now, fifteen years later, these aliens (known as Angels) are beginning to reappear, and the only defense mankind has against them are giant biomechanical robots, called Evangelions. But… these robots can only be piloted by those that were born exactly nine months after the Second Impact; ie. a group of fourteen-year-old children!

The story mainly follows the personal growth and discovery of one particular character, Shinji Ikari. As a pilot, he must first deal with battling the invaders. He is, however, a very timid person, and must also learn to cope with new friends and new family, as well as the truth about his past and his father.

And behind all of this are the mysteries contained in NERV itself – what is the real secret about the angels?


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